Duracion vuelo barcelona dubai

Two mile walk with heavy bag in Frankfurt. Provide carts in FRA! English options boring German options not subtitled , touch screen not responsive. Teníamos una escala y como el primer vuelo se atrasó, las valijas nos fueron al destino y llegamos sin equipaje! The food was amazing and the crew was great from Chicago to Instanbul.

Encuentra vuelos baratos de Barcelona-El Prat a Dubai (BCN - DXB)

Boarding seemed a bit unorganized and the crew from Instanbul to Zurich spoke very little English. Food was good. Not too many announcements or interruptions. They were the best among the airlines I ever used. Business cabin was ok. Dirty but seats ok for sleeeping on a long floght. Very bad service. Flight attendant not focused on service. Two-hour delay leaving because of mechanical problem. The way connections are handled in Algiers is complicated and unpleasant. Will never travel with Air Algerie again. Plane was dirty, and someone had peed all over the bathroom floor at the very beginning of the trip.

Unprofessional cabin crew. Glass of wine with cork floating was handed to me after the" meal" which was simply horrible. As a handicaped disabled not able to walk and should be using a wheel chair,as I know from my many previous travels with other companies like lufthanza, klm..

Even when going through the check and security points I used to go in a special route especially for the handicaped but going with all other normal travelers lines with such amount of time waiting and crowdness is completely inconvenient. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I hd a very large person seating next to me. He should have been made to buy 2 seats. Very uncomfortable for such a long flight. For a first class flight, I think they gotta change everything.

Concorde lounge in london outdated, bad food, no snacks.. One amazing member of staff - she was the only redeeming person of all the cabin crew. The snacks were good mini cheddars, mini twix bars and mcvities digestives. The flight attendants were awful. Flight from heathrow to Manchester stopped it being excellent alll round as flight delayed over an hour.


So if you exceed 10KG by grams they will charge you as separate luggage. Which was 20 minutes before take off. So I paid. The flight was cancelled without firther notifications. I called UIF office 7 times and finally one of the reps was able to give me full information and reschedule my flight with other airlanes. In the airport I saw a bunch of people who came for their flight I received email about cancellation after I spoke with UIF reps. Never will reccomend or use this airline again. My luggage did not arrive and in the best case scenario will make 2 days later. They told me on this connection it was a normal occurance.

The plane was extremely old. Get a newer plane, make sure luggage arrives on time. The seats were extremely uncomfortable and the crew was kind of rude Viajé en business class, como otras veces, y debo remarcar dos anomalias en cuanto al servicio 1. Me quitaron la copa antes de que terminara. Lo hicieron sin mediar palabra 2. Lo mismo hicieron con los auriculares, cuando faltaban 45 minutos para aterrizar.

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En ese momento estaba en el baño. The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of grams.

Flights to Dubai from Barcelona

At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well. Para varias atrasado no justificado en el embarque de la compañía aerea.

Vuelo con mucha turbulencia, se uso ruta que implica mayor turbulencia para disminuir atrasado dado por embarque. Snacks would have been better than a cheese sandwich. The late departure. With no reason or meaningful excuse given. The bland and overcooked food.

Emirates unirá con un vuelo directo Barcelona y Dubai

The lack of space for knees and shoulders even though I'm only 1m72cm. Priority Boarding for business class. The cabin crew were attentive, cheerful, caring. It's a short regional flight so the older, regional configuration of the seats is appropriate if not a little shabby. Offer of juices, Arabic coffee and dates before take off is very welcoming as is a choice of hot or cold towels.

Flight was on time for take-off and landing. No inflight entertainment or, if there is, there are no headsets. Had a 18 hour delay as seen was "planned " by the company never will travel with uia ever again. We will never again fly ukraine air.

Terrible customer service, quality, organization. We are overall extremely unsatisfied with this company and will never ever book them again. I will be writing a report to their customer service department. You should stop offering flights from this airline. The worst most negative customer service experience ever. Please see what was written above. There was nothing good about this flight. Por lo tanto, no podemos garantizar lo que ofrecen otras empresas.

Los precios de billetes de avión, habitaciones de hotel y coches de alquiler cambian frecuentemente. También puede ocurrir que muchas personas estén intentando reservar el mismo producto a la vez. Como resultado, en ocasiones es posible que los precios ya no estén disponibles.